What is the percentage reduction in fuel cost?

30% HFO,-50% Diesel

Calorific combustion?

Better than original fuel as it is rich in Hydrogen

Combustion efficiency?

Significantly better than original

Fuels that can be reformed?

Diesel/AGO, Kerosene/

DPK, LPFO/HFO, Residual Crude, Biofuels

Storage period of reformed fuel?

Fuel is stable for more than 2 years (3 years observed)

Operational effect on environment and climate

Reduce CO2, NOxand PM emission

Effect on engine?

Increase efficiency and reduces maintenance cost

What is Sulfex equipment

It desulfurizes HFO, Jet Oil, APFO, Diesel oil from 3000ppm to <15ppm (99.9%)

Scalable system?